Friday, June 8, 2018

Return to Nonnie Camp

It is Tyler and Lara's 6th wedding anniversary today!

Happy to give them a little away time, I'm holding "Nonnie Camp" again today and tomorrow with Judah and Asher.

Tyler and Lara dropped the boys off early this morning and headed on their way for an overnight to celebrate.

With such good weather, we started out our morning in the garden.

Asher is more and more steady on his feet as he's getting his walking legs going! So of course he's got to have his turn with the hose too.

Truth be told, if it didn't drown the plants in the garden, they could both probably stay here for the rest of the day! ๐Ÿ˜‚ What is it about hoses and water that makes for a perfect day?!!

Nonnie managed to lure them away to the "playground" as Judah calls it.

Back in the house, I improvised a solution for keeping Asher off the stairs today. His number two favorite activity would be climbing them all day long (which means I'm following behind him every step of the way since he's just crawling up them and isn't always so steady!).

When we tired of being downstairs, we headed upstairs to "Judah's room" as he's named it. In reality, it's Caleb's childhood room, which has now become the boys' playroom and where they sleep when they're here.

Since the children's books are on the bookshelf just outside his room, this is another favorite spot to hang out upstairs. I love when he wants to read the "Jesus book" (a story about the Good Samaritan!).

What you can't see is another improvisation to cover the stairs, to the left of Judah, for the same reason as I covered them downstairs, taking away all temptation from Asher to see what it's like to go down them! ๐Ÿ˜‚

While there are a few places upstairs that are "off limits", the bathroom is not one of them. Who knew there were so many fun and interesting things to do, even in there?!

I don't want to forget Judah and his "nock-u-ars" - oh how he loves those every time he comes over!

After lunch, a tired Judah went down easily for his nap. But not so for little Mr. Asher.

I brought him back downstairs with me and laid him in my lap, thinking I'd get him settled down and then return him to his crib.

And two hours later....

He'd taken his whole nap right there spread across me! Thankfully I had my computer handy and got some needed work done, making it a win for Asher and for Nonnie!

Once awake, he was off and going, toddling every and any where that he could get to.

Once Judah was awake, I'd promised we'd go for a walk so off we headed for our little local airport, where I knew there was a tiny playground for him to enjoy.

Taken seconds before he slid down and landed with a "thud" at the bottom of the slide, ending our time at the playground! ๐Ÿ˜‚

The walk back home was absolutely spectacular and peaceful, with Kaylee leading the way.

Both boys rode in the stroller the whole way (Judah is sitting in the front), and it was just about as good as it gets, enjoying the sights and sounds of nature together.

It's these normal little moments that I don't want to forget! When we got home, Judah sat on the couch, blowing his horn (how he loves any and all instruments), and Asher sat happily chewing on one of Kaylee's toys.

Every kid needs his share of dirt and dog hair, right?!!!

While Judah neatly ate his dinner at the table shortly after our return home from the airport, Asher was another story!

Oh how this boy loves his food!

Aunt Claire joined us for dinner and was much appreciated by Asher for getting him cleaned up afterward.

With an hour left to our daytime of fun, we headed out for one more round at the playground. Because who doesn't love it when Aunt Claire comes to swing with you?!

Judah wanted to know what the pole connected to the swing set was for, so he and I worked together on helping him "shimmy" the pole.

He sure was proud of himself to make it to the top...

...with a little help from Nonnie. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Soon it was back to the garden for one last watering before heading towards bed. Asher almost made it the whole way, walking without falling. Impressive!

All that walking today finally wore him out so he was happy to ride on my shoulders for a bit while we let Judah finish his "work".

Can't water the plants anymore?

That's okay... "I just clean rocks for you, Nonnie"!!!!!!

Oh this precious, industrious boy! Love him, and his brother too.

What a good day here at Nonnie Camp, with Aunt Claire here to add to the fun!

We'll be on to more fun tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜

**I should add that Dave is gone to Norway right now to speak at a conference this week-end! That's why it's just Nonnie Camp, rather than Papa and Nonnie Camp!**

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