Thursday, June 14, 2018

Evening by the Lake

This evening here in Fort Collins, Colorado, the wedding celebration began with a big lake-side picnic after the rehearsal for tomorrow's big event.

Hayley Ellenwood, the bride, is so dear to me as I've known her since she was just three years old.

She grew up in Czech, along with her siblings, because her parents moved there to serve with us in Josiah Venture twenty years ago.

We've spent countless hours together through the rides, overnights at our house (she and Claire have been the best of friends all these years), vacations, school events, JV conferences and so much more! It's a huge joy and privilege to now share in her wedding celebration.

And of course, I'm so happy to be here with her mom and Laura, as our three families have shared so much life together over the years.

Hayley's sister, Hannah, and I sat down by the lake catching up with each other as the sun set. It could not have been any more beautiful of an evening on so many levels!

A contingency of JV people are here to celebrate as well - this is just a small group of them who happened to sit at the same table!

We'll all gather tomorrow to watch our dear Hayley say her vows and marry the love of her life!

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