Thursday, June 7, 2018

Pray About Everything

I am a big fan of prayer and an even bigger fan of God, the great Provider!

I love bringing every big and small need to the Lord, asking for his guidance, help, direction and provision.  When I line up my will in accordance with his, I know that he hears me and will answer.

So what is my latest small request? For someone to care for Kaylee for the next three weeks.

When we travel throughout the year for JV purposes, there is a young woman in our town who takes care of Kaylee for us. She has been doing this for seven years, since Kaylee was a puppy and she was 13 years old!

But this summer she is traveling outside of the country to work. I thought she could take care of Kaylee in June for us, but recently found out that she wouldn't be able to.

So now I'm actively praying and actively looking to find someone to care for this sweet girl.

Kaylee is so easy to care for, and brings lots of joy to our lives. She makes us laugh, she helps us slow down, she makes sure I get out for walks!

Would anyone living nearby be able to care for her and in return be blessed by her selfless love for people?

We leave this Tuesday, the 12th of June. I am standing in faith that God has this small need already taken care of; and I'll be glad to know who he has in mind for it!

UPDATE: Sunday, June 10th: I met with a friend at church today and she has agreed to watch Kaylee. Thanking the Lord for his provision; praying that Kaylee and she have a wonderful time together for the next three weeks!

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  1. I wish she was here so I could dog sit for a week or two.