Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Joy in Beaver Creek

It was bound to happen! Oh how I love "real life" moments captured like this one. 🤣

"Thanks for snapping that one for me, Haley! It was just too good of a moment to pass up documenting!"

After a morning with too short of naps for both boys that I'm watching right now in Beaver Creek, Charlie was ready to see his mommy when she got back to feed him!

He'd actually been fine just minutes before as he played with his little buddy.

There were plenty of sweet moments all morning, especially at the floor length mirror! That kept him occupied for a good amount of time.

Sorry to the housekeeping ladies who will find a very well finger-printed mirror when they clean!

But after getting fed, and having a long nap, he was ready to go out with Nonnie for a little afternoon adventure.

I've never been to Beaver Creek so decided to walk down into town, carrying Charlie.

I had just taken that shot of the two of us when we encountered a surprise right around the corner.

He was about ten feet away! But he took just a few glances at us and then continued on with his grazing, heading up the hill to the grass. I'm guessing he's a "local"!

So we meandered down into the town, crossing over this beautiful creek (I'm guessing it's Beaver Creek?!) which mesmerized Charlie.

In the plaza we found a comfy swing to sit in while Charlie enjoyed the antics of the fountain there (I've never seen anything like the way it spouted out water!).

Having time with Charlie this week is such a gift! It's so sweet getting to know him in person, and make some memories together.

The conference his mommy and daddy are at will conclude tomorrow afternoon, which means I still get a morning to hang out with him!

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  1. I LOVE that you’ve been able to have this precious time in Beaver Creek with Charlie and his mommy and daddy! What a sweet gift for all of you this week!❤️