Friday, June 29, 2018

From Family to Family

We woke up in Chicago this morning to one last breakfast with our dear Caleb, Haley and Charlie.

Being able to see them multiple times since we arrived in the States two weeks ago, and spending this past week with them at Gull Lake, has been the hugest joy for us. We are SO thankful for them!!

Though it will be only a few months before they begin serving with us in Josiah Venture, goodbyes are never easy. Especially when Charlie is changing so much right now. It makes me all the more thankful for these past weeks of seeing him often, getting to know him and all his cute ways!

While we are saying goodbye to this dear family for now, we're on our way to share in family time somewhere else.

We arrived in Portland, Oregon to the waiting arms of my dear, long time best friend, Michelle.

When I went online months ago to rent a car for this time in Oregon, the rates were too high at the airport. So I asked Michelle if she'd be willing to come pick us up and drive us down 82nd Avenue in Portland to a different rental agency.

Thankfully she was happy to oblige!

We had about an hour of sweet fellowship before Dave and I were on our way towards the Oregon Coast.

Several hours later we were tucked away in a house with these precious family members.

It was Dave's mom's 90th birthday in May, and we all decided the best gift we could give her was gathering her four children and their spouses for a long week-end together with her and dad. And that week-end is NOW!

This is the first time we've ever had a family reunion with just mom and dad Patty, the four original Patty kids and spouses - we've always had our kids, the grandkids, with us.

So this is a unique time to spend with mom and dad, and we're all very excited to get this time together!

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